Tim Adams - Drums

Hello one and all.  Just wanted to introduce myself to those of you that don't know me.  My name is Tim Adams.  I am from West Monroe, LA.  I am the drummer for the band. 

Growing I always had a interest in the drums.  We didn't have a marching band at school where I grew up so I pretty much taught myself what little I know by playing along with records, even though the folks playing on the records did a way better job than what I was.  LOL.  Any way, I wasted a lot of years playing in the bars.  But now I am playing for the Lord and I have got to tell you folks it is a great feeling doing this for the right reasons and seeing people give there heart to Jesus.  Well that's why we do this.  It is all about Him and His Glory. 

Hope you enjoy what you see and hear on the website and I pray it blesses you. 

Thanks for your time and

May God bless and keep you. 

Chad Parker - Vocals, Bass, Guitar

I always wanted to play guitar from as far back as I could remember.  I first starting playing when a friend of the family came over and was teaching my Dad a few chords.  I would watch as he would play riffs that I had only heard on the radio and cassettes.  Yeah I said cassettes.  I knew then that I would have to try and learn what he was doing.  I was only 12 years old and the only guitar I had to play was my Dad's.  I remember the first song I learned to play was Simple Man,  and when I showed my Dad and his friends that I could play it, I knew then that I would want to do this from now on. 

A few years past and I was uprooted from where we lived in Bastrop, La, and moved to Baker, La.  This was when I met a man by the name of Jack Barker.  He played the guitar a totally different style than what I had learned and also played in church.  Not that was a shock I mean I was brought up to believe in God but we didn't ever go to church much.  This was kind of a new thing to me.  Anyway, Jack taught me how to play with other people and stay in time with them and myself all at once.  Also this is where I gave my heart to Jesus.  After a short time in Baker we moved to Danbury, Ct and wow did things change.

I was introduced to a whole different kind of music and people in Danbury, some good, some bad.  But I believe God directs our path and there was reason I met who I did.  This is where I met some great people that were part of my Dad's band.  This is where I learned a lot more about what it took to sound like the people on the radio and stage.  The bass player from my Dad's band taught me how to set up and run there sound system.  I guess you could say I was there roadie but hey didn't mind I was still doing something I loved.  I record my Dad's band using a couple of Mics and a cassette recorder.  The tapes became what we refer to with this group of people as The Lemon Tree tapes.  I had no Idea that what I had done with this simple setup would lead to so much more. 

A few years past and I moved out of the house and started playing with a few bands.  I guess we all at some point in our life think we are indestructible and nothing can hurt us.  Well I feel in with a band that was a lot different than what I had played before.  We recorded a CD and we were living the Rock Style life.  I remember playing for a crowd at New Haven, Ct one night and wondering why I was even there.  This is when I decided that I wasn't going to play any more and just record people as an engineer.  But then God had some different plans for me again.

I moved from Danbury, Ct. around 1995 back to Bastrop, La and started going to church again.  I heard some of the best musicians I had heard in a long time playing in church.  My Mama tried to get me to talk to them and maybe play with them.  But I had made my mind up I wasn't ever going to play again.  I never let anyone know that I could play guitar and bass and several other instruments,  I was just going to go to church and let it be.  For a couple of years I didn't even pick up a guitar and then one day it happened.  Pastor Dumas came to me and said that he had heard that I could play guitar and I knew how to run a sound system.  Of course I told him I could but hadn't in a long time. They had some one out sick and I would have to fill in. That's when God showed me that I could play for Him. 

I wasted a lot of years not doing what God had planned for me but in a way I guess God blessed my choices and gave me the chance to come back and to use my talents for him. I thank him every day that he kept me through a lot of things that I can't even talk about. 

I hope that you read all this and now kind of know why we do what we do and play like we play. 

I pray God bless you and keep you.


Danny Parker - Vocals, Guitar

Hi, I'm Danny, here to tell you a little bout myself(though I'm nothing without Jesus). 

For years I played rock & roll and country music in clubs.  I've played in places like Toad's Place-New Haven, Ct., Lemon Tree- Scranton, Ct. Also Georgetown Saloon-Ct. Up on those stages with all the bright lights singing and performing---Thought I would be doing this all my life. 

Come home to Louisiana where family is (I was born in Start, La and No I didn't know Tim McGraw-Ha Ha).  A family member asked me to go to church with them and I told them No, several times.  Well they never stopped asking till I finally agreed to go but only if they would never ask me to go again. 

Boy was I touched!!!! I dint know they played music in church like that.  I gave my heart to Jesus that night-Thank You Lord-Been in church ever since playing , singing-preaching.  I've been a Pastor of Calvary's Church for 15 years.  I can hardly wait for Jesus to come.  So help us Praise Him now.

God Bless


Jackie Kennedy - Lead Guitar

My name is Jackie Kennedy.  I'm the newest member of Restored.  I am very happy to be a part of this group and to be able to play music with these guys.  

I've always had a love for music, even at a young age.  I especially loved the guitar and I always wanted to play but i could never get my hands on one.  In high school I found out that a friend of mine, Greg Hughes, had been playing guitar for about 2 years.  I asked him if he would show me how to play and he said ok.  He showed me some basic chords and taught me to read tablature.  The rest is history.  

In 1995 I graduated high school and went into the Marine Corps.  I should say I grew up in church, but by this time I was starting to slip away from it,  it just wasn't a "fun" place to be.  So, I did my time in the Service and all the time i was getting further away from church and from God.  I made a lot of bad decisions, not asking God for guidance and it wasn't until after a failed marriage of 8 years that I finally started the long trip back. Throughout this whole time, I never really played music at church.  I tried a couple of times but I was too worried about what people thought. 

By this time, my brother has become Pastor and he plays piano and sings.  At the time he was about the only musician our church had.  My instrument of choice has always been the guitar, but somehow he talked me into playing the bass.  Up until this point I had never played the bass and I was very nervous about it.  After a while the bass became 2nd nature, I even developed a style for playing it.  Eventually our band grew and I got back to playing the guitar.  

God has blessed me with a talent for music and I'm so thankful that I get to use it to serve him.